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9/5/2019 · Card Benefits and Features: With the TurboTax Refund Card you receive one free ATM withdrawals within network, after that a $2. The best turbotax debit card we examined is Mango, which made the Gold Award due to the fact that it uses the greatest cost savings account and a range of methods for you to fill cash onto the card. This indicates you only need to verify your e-mail account to understand what the balance is. The TurboTax Card is a prepaid and reloadable Visa card that you can use everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted online, for paying bills, and at ATMs. You are able to use it anyplace Visa Debit Cards are accepted and may use it at ATMs. Skip to main content Skip to main contentThe inconvenience of not having a bank account just got a little more convenient with the TurboTax Tax Refund Visa Card. We will cancel your current card, transfer the remaining balance to a new card, and then mail it out to you at the address on file. As for monthly charges, the $4. ) See this FAQ:6/7/2019 · How can I check the balance on my turbo tax debit card? There are many convenient ways to get your most updated balance and transactions: If you have an online user ID, you may check your balance or transaction history online 24/7 on this website. The TurboTax Tax Refund Visa® Card. 50 fee for each ATM withdrawal applies. It's a prepaid debit card that the amounts you buy and withdrawal from ATM are debited out of your balance. . Balance inquiries at ATMs cost 50 cents. Whenever you set up your Turbo Tax card you are able to apply to obtain your balance sent to you on-line by e-mail. For those of you that are expecting a tax refund, this prepaid card is an ideal alternative if you want the flexibility that comes with having a credit or debit card. Read on to find a few other things we like about this card. 95 monthly charge is waived if you direct deposit (or load) at least $1,000 on your card in the previous month. To verify the balance on a TurboTax card, you are able to do so inside a quantity of methods. What if someone steals my card or uses it without my permission? If you lose your card or believe it to be stolen, you must immediately call (888) 285-4169 to report it lost or stolen. You are able to reload the card by adding cash in your account at a large number of 11/23/2018 · Prepaid Debit Cards: Our Verdict and Recommendations for turbotax debit card. TurboTax Card is really a Prepaid Visa Card that may be reloaded. 6/7/2019 · Did you read the first answer in this thread? It tells the various ways to check your Turbo Prepaid Visa Card's balance, such as using an account at the Turbo Prepaid Card's website, by using the Turbo Prepaid Card's mobile app, or by sending/receiving a text message (requires one to enroll an account

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